Introducing aroma color sync

Experience the magic of synchronized color styles

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Get complete control
over your color styles

Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually recreating colors for each theme. With aroma sync, it’s extremely easy to duplicate colors across themes. It only takes one click to copy and paste colors in your design.

Apply themes to your design

Select your design and apply your themes instantly. With just a single click, toggle between different themes to see your design come to life in a whole new way.

Smooth developer handoff,
with theme exports

We know you love consistent branding across various projects and platforms. aroma sync ensures seamless export of your color styles in the correct format, with support for Web, Android, and iOS. Offering custom casing options and full support for both light and dark themes.

Coming soon

Sync your colors to a
style dictionary

We want you to keep focussing on being creative. That’s why we’re developing a feature that syncs your project’s dictionaries directly with Git. Saving valuable hours by creating automated requests for your developers to merge.

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